Why WordPress is best for business

Why do so many people talk about the benefits of using a WordPress blog for business websites? I’ve been building WordPress for more than a dozen years now, and I’m still discovering new capabilities and uses for this amazing online publishing tool. As a blogger, I love how easy it is to publish content, link it, share it and get responses using WordPress. As a developer, I love that I can mold my WordPress websites for any purpose. As a businessperson, I can appreciate the control that it gives me, and my clients appreciate that, as well. So here’s a list of reasons why I love working with WordPress and why it’s the best choice by far for business websites.

38 reasons WordPress is the bizblog champion (feel free to add more):

  1. Google says it’s the best blog platform for getting search results.
  2. You can host it with your own URL.
  3. The content management system is easy to use.
  4. You can connect it to all your social media.
  5. There are no practical limits to what your website can look like.
  6. There are few limits to what you can do with your website.
  7. It’s free.
  8. It’s open source.
  9. It’s flexible.
  10. Support is everywhere online.
  11. The WordPress Codex is stuffed with helpful resources.
  12. The core development team at Automattic is dedicated and responsive.
  13. The community of users is millions strong and worldwide.
  14. The community of developers is creative, dynamic and sharing.
  15. WordPress has evolved to stay at the leading edge of web trends and technology.
  16. The platform is extendable with easy-to-install plugins.
  17. Thousands of free plugins add a smorgasbord of possibilities.
  18. Premium plugins add even more capabilities.
  19. It’s safe.
  20. It’s fast.
  21. WordPress uses web standards.
  22. You can turn it into a shop and sell directly online.
  23. You can create a community portal.
  24. You can run multiple sites from one installation.
  25. You can add customized content controls.
  26. You can track your website’s traffic right from your own dashboard control center.
  27. You can share up-to-date information with your customers.
  28. You can have real conversations with clients.
  29. You can develop a following of advocates.
  30. You can be responsive.
  31. You can provide valuable customer service.
  32. Development costs are usually much less than for conventional websites.
  33. WordPress websites are better than conventional websites at getting found.
  34. WordPress websites are better than conventional websites at giving you content control.
  35. If you want to, you can build sites yourself.
  36. If you want to, you can use a free theme and just add content.
  37. If you want to, you can buy premium themes at reasonable costs online.
  38. If you want to, you can hire a web developer to create a customized website.
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