Why take AIM?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to web development companies. Here are some reasons why taking AIM may be your best choice.

1. Customer service

One of the top complaints we hear from clients regarding their previous web development experiences is that they received poor customer service. At AIM, we want you to think of us as your online team, so providing personalized, prompt and courteous service is our highest priority. Whether it’s answering questions on the phone, providing an impromptu personal training session or implementing a new solution to improve your website, we go the extra mile. And for every client project, we maintain a dedicated project management account to facilitate communication, share assets and to keep clients in the loop. Best of all, we’ve been providing this service for more than 10-years and we’re not going anywhere.

2. Knowledge is power

Often times, our first job is helping clients understand what actually works and doesn’t work online. We help you understand how search engines work, how you can use social media sharing strategically and what technologies will extend or limit your reach.

3. Fixed pricing

Our modular approach to web design gives us a huge advantage over traditional web development in that we know how much any standard feature will cost to produce. As a result, we can give you a fixed price for selected options rather than an estimate.

4. Seeing is believing

Many web development companies require payment up-front before you even see a wire-frame or initial design concept. That’s asking for a lot of trust. With AIM you’ll see what we can do before you sign a contract. We include design mock-ups of your new website’s key pages and brand elements as part of our proposal. Not only do we remove the element of shock, we get you involved in making decisions right from the get-go. It’s a partnership approach that really pays off.

5. WordPress for business

Why reinvent the wheel when the optimum solution already exists? SEO experts agree that WordPress provides the best organic search engine results of any website platform. All AIM Business Websites are built using WordPress, but the difference is that we’ve made WordPress even better by packing extra search engine punch and extended content management solutions for our clients using our exclusive themes and functions.

6. User experience

Steve Krug wrote an insightful book entitled “Don’t Make Me Think”, which lays out the importance of clear communication and accommodating user expectations online. That is our core design and communication philosophy. You won’t find clutter or cryptic messages on an AIM website. Our goal is for your web visitors to understand instantly what you do, why you do it better than the competition and to encourage them to take action either to contact you or buy your product or service. You have less than 8 seconds to engage a new visitor so you can’t afford to waste it.

7. Our “added” value

We bring valuable real-world experience to the table for a wide range of critical services. Big companies charge big-company prices for their graphic design, programming and marketing, while smaller companies are usually only expert in one of those areas. We go beyond both by providing expertise in IT, project management, customer service, content creation, graphic design, publishing, branding, marketing and business development.

8. Site management options

Some businesses want hands-on control of every aspect of their online presence while others just want to know that their online business is in good hands. For either type of client, AIM has the right solution. For DIYers, we create customized content controls and provide personalized training and documentation so they can get the work done themselves. For customers who want things taken care of for them, we provide complete services including content creation and publishing, social media network development, site traffic analysis and online marketing program development to extend your reach and generate additional leads.

9. Flexibility for change

What works for your website today may not work tomorrow. Technologies, trends and markets change and a successful business must be ready to change with them. Your AIM Business Website will be ready for those changes because it is built on an incredibly flexible platform—our AIM Frame theme for WordPress. We can add features, change designs, create new dynamic pages and rework virtually any element of your website in a fraction of the time that a traditional web developer would take…and that will save you time and money down the road.

10. Hosting and maintenance

Once the development stage of a website development project has been completed there’s still work to be done. Leave it to AIM to ensure that your site is backed-up and updated. And if technical issues arise, we’ll be there to get the problem fixed. From migrating sites to trouble-shooting problems, we’ve got your back. Our preferred host provider, SiteGround, consistently is ranked top in the field for performance, up-time, management tools and technical assistance. But if you prefer to host your website elsewhere, we’ll make sure you get the most out of that service.

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