Who we are

We help your business thrive with great websites, compelling content and engaged customers.

Our philosophy is simply, “Don’t make ‘em think.” Clear messaging and uncluttered design helps visitors find what they need on your website. They value sharing above selling. And they want to interact with the brands they support. With the AIM team’s expertise, you’ll meet visitors’ expectations and get the customers you want.

Scott Pelland

President | Web Development | Marketing | Communications

Scott comes to the web development and online marketing industry with a background in consumer marketing and publications after 20-years at Nintendo of America. As Nintendo’s Publications Director and the Managing Editor of Nintendo Power magazine, Scott oversaw print and online efforts and was a member of Nintendo’s product launch team. If you’ve ever heard of or purchased Game Boy, Pokémon, Nintendo DS or Wii, you have Scott to thank in part. AIM clients benefit from the same real-world experience that helped Nintendo become a top player in one of the most competitive high-tech consumer industries. Those experiences translate into highly effective content, marketing and brand messaging that Scott provides for AIM clients.

But wait, there’s more! Scott also brings innovation and technical skills to the table as an expert in WordPress CMS development. He authored AIM’s exclusive studio environment with themes and functions that add flexibility and search engine power to the already excellent WordPress platform. And when clients require creative new tools, Scott oversees the development of solutions that are both easy-to-use and effective. Scott is a native Washingtonian who grew up in the Skagit Valley, graduated from the University of Washington, and received a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Brown University before returning to the Pacific Northwest.

Eric Boettcher

CEO | Web Design | IT Management | Sales | Graphic Design

Eric spent over three decades in the newspaper industry in the Pacific Northwest before escaping  the demise of newsprint and helping found AIM. Starting out as a graphic designer at a small daily, he then moved into IT at the dawn of desktop publishing. Eric moved to the Eastside and up the ladder until he became the Vice President of IT at the Horvitz newspaper chain, where he was responsible for everything from online presence to production automation to being involved with the design of entire print facilities. Managing projects, big and small, and providing cost-saving technical solutions that could be used by non-technical staffers were key skills developed in the newspaper industry that helps Eric craft online solutions for our clients today.

At AIM, Eric welcomes the return to hands-on graphic design projects, something he missed while keeping the presses rolling. While his IT background gives him the expertise to find elegant solutions to almost any client’s need online, his design skills are used to develop visual styles needed for branding a company in today’s multimedia environment. He also has the gift of being able to explain highly technical concepts in ways that help non-techies understand.

What’s in the name?

AIM is the acronym for Applied Imagination Media—yeah, we thought that was a pretty great name when we started the company—the idea being that we would offer creative solutions to real-world problems. That’s certainly a part of what we do, but the real focus of every project is to target what you need to succeed. Fortunately, “AIM” spells that out, and it’s a whole lot easier to remember.

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