Website Support

Once your website is live, our commitment to your success continues with affordable, responsive support. Our website support, hosting and maintenance packages give you peace of mind because we monitor and update the backend of your site to prevent problems and generally keep things humming along.

Website Hosting

Website hosting providers offer managed server space and a variety of support tools and staff for hosted website clients. Over the years, we’ve used many of the most reputable hosting providers, and while many of them offer good service, we’ve found that the best of the bunch is SiteGround. Not only does SiteGround rank at the top of industry lists every year for performance, reliability, cost, and overall quality, we have noted their dedication to excellent customer service, timely responses to technical matters, and a tech staff who really understand their products. As a result, most of our client’s websites are now hosted with SiteGround. Some clients, however, prefer legacy hosting services, and we’re happy to work with them, as well. As our client, no matter which host you choose, you can rely on us to work directly with the service provider so you don’t have to. 

Website Maintenance & Support

Beyond the hosting of your site on a selected server, we provide ongoing support for all clients who choose to have support, which is almost all of them. Our support packages offer you peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, we will get it fixed. Our service includes regular site backups to remote locations so that even if a server were to blow up, melt down or run off with the coffee machine your website could be back up and operating in a matter of hours. These things don’t occur often, but it’s nice to know that if something bad happens that you will be covered. 

Standard items covered by our support packages include:

  • Scheduled complete site backups
  • Timely response to problems and questions
  • Making recommendations
  • WordPress and plugin testing
  • WordPress and plugin updates 

Additional areas of support can be contracted as an annual or one-time cost*:

  • Additional hours of monthly or annual development time
  • Full-site management
  • Posting new content
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Creating optimized content
  • Adding custom pages
  • Adding new features
  • Redesigning pages
  • Adding plugins
  • Additional training or documentation

*Costs are determined by the scope of the project or recurring work, which are outlined in a statement of work agreed to by both parties. No surprises.

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