Update on Kent WA and Issaquah web design SEO test

If you read through our initial post on our test for optimizing two posts using niche keywords, you might be interested to see how the posts are doing about a week later. Perhaps the most interesting result is that for our search terms: “web design Kent WA” and “web design Issaquah” both of our original short posts that shared details regarding two recently completed AIM business websites have fallen victim to (drum roll please) our follow-up post that describes the test.

How we trumped ourselves with relevant content

Relevant content is a big deal when it comes to search results. In the post entitled Kent WA and Issaquah Web Design Search Test Results, we set up the test parameters so visitors could see the big picture, and in doing so we created a post that quickly out-ranked the two test posts for our search terms. In fact, over the past week of tracking results via Google search, we have seen the explanatory post leapfrog over the two test posts into a high-ranking position on page two of the search results.

Noting Twitter activity

It’s also important to note that we broadcast three additional traffic-generating Tweets for the test results post over the course of the week and for the Kent, WA bakery post, while the Issaquah accounting firm post received four additional Tweets. So when comparing the three posts, we find that the results post did better with equal to or less than the number of Tweets. Of course, we have to keep in mind that Tweets may be more or less effective at generating visitors based on a lot of varying factors, and we didn’t set up a scientific test based on time of day per Tweet and so forth. Even so, the results suggest that the longer, explanatory post did a better job based on the content, and that makes sense as the longer post really is more relevant to the search terms than either of the test posts. Stay tuned for more tests and results in the future.

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