Top 10 Signs You REALLY, REALLY Need A New Website

Have you ever looked at your website and wondered if it was truly up-to-snuff? That’s often the beginning of the journey that brings clients to AIM. So to help you along the path in that critical decision, we present the Top 10 Signs You REALLY, REALLY Need a New Website.

10. Your web forms are connected to your CRM via Wendy the receptionist.
9. Your most recent content was added more than a year ago by a web guy who decided to move to the Andes and breed vicunas.
8. You have a new customer service number but you don’t know how to change the phone number on your website.
7. Your site has more missing links than Olduvai Gorge.
6. Customers call you after visiting your website only to ask what you do.
5. Your Flash video of the dancing camel doesn’t seem to be working on your iPhone. Weird.
4. The only responsive thing you own is a Porsche.
3. Your webpage hugs the left side of the screen as if desperately holding on to its mother’s leg.
2. The only conversions you get are messages from an “SEO expert” in Vladistan who promises top Google positioning by next Tuesday, but only if you provide a visa and one-way ticket to Chicago.
1. Your headline font is Comic Sans.

If any of these ominous signs ring true, we humbly suggest giving us a call or dropping us a line. It’s never too late to start doing things right.

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