Social Media Marketing With Multiple Flavors

I recently ran across this post from Chris Brogan: Content Marketing as a Food Truck: Rethinking Content Marketing In A World of Splintered Attention – What struck me was the food truck analogy and how it relates to broadcasting your website content. I share this idea with clients, as well, suggesting that it’s better to develop multiple communities that are focused on a variety of topics related to your business. Appealing to different communities is a great way to spread the word in social marketing, but the tactic has a second benefit: it’s easier and faster to build multiple medium-sized communities than to amass a single huge following. If broadcasting content is your goal, spend less time working on a single social channel and more time focusing your communications to niche groups. That might mean creating a different Twitter account for each focused niche or sharing a different type of image and message on Instagram for different communities. In the short run, you’ll reach more engaged followers and benefit from their clicks back to your website.

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