shows off the new full-screen editor for WordPress 3.2

The official release of WordPress version 3.2 has arrived, and we’re busy testing the upgraded version on several AIM websites, including This version contains several performance improvements that will speed up your bizblogs from the perspective of visitors. It also drops native support for Internet Explorer 6, so it’s possible that some people who still use that albatross of a browser will have a poorer experience.

Administration Area Changes

What you’ll probably notice first as a WordPress uses is the new look of the admin area. WordPress 3.2 has a freshened look with new fonts and a beveled left sidebar with some styling changes for selected tabs. If you check out the post/page editor, there is a new full-screen editing button on the toolbar, which if opened reveals a clean, minimal presentation for composing content. Personally, I like having the toolbar options handy, plus if you use the full-screen option you have to remember to add tags and set other options after you’ve returned to the normal view. What you get with the new full-screen mode is a minimized toolbar that includes: visual or html view, bold, italic, unordered list, ordered list, quote, Insert/edit image, Insert/edit link, unlink and help. You’ll also have the title present, a save button, and a handy word counter in the bottom left corner. The word counter is a nice feature, too. One oddity is that if you want to edit content in the full-screen mode on a post that already has content you have to highlight the content prior to selecting the full-screen button, which seems unintuitive. shows off the new full-screen editor for WordPress 3.2

Notice to AIM clients:

In the next several days, we’ll be upgrading client sites with WordPress 3.2. We’ll send you an e-mail once the change has been made. If you experience any quirks, please be sure to let us know.