Whenever we finish a web design project, we like to share it with the world, and that’s true of the recently published web site for Good Sense Accounting in Issaquah, Washington, which you can see in the AIMBIZ Showcase gallery. We had the good fortune to meet Don Quinn, the founder of Good Sense Accounting, in an Issaquah business networking group, and we had the good sense to have him do our taxes. He (and we say this in all modesty) had the good sense to come to us when he wanted to move beyond his dated web site.

As a seasoned networker, Don already understood the value of sharing and giving as a strategy for small businesses, so the idea of extending that to a broader audience through blogging and social media made immediate sense to him. The web design project focused on creating four optimized pages—one for each of the main components of Good Sense Accounting—but in addition to the content describing GSA’s services, each of those pages also has a blog stream featuring posts in the appropriate category. So when a visitor is reading through the Business Consulting page, they’re also privy to the latest blog posts that Don has made about “business consulting”.

Good web design is as much about the content sharing strategy as it is a matter of visual design or navigation. In the case of GSA’s web site, the idea was to offer easy access to fresh, relevant content that the visitor might find interesting or valuable. Too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they have nothing to share with an online audience beyond tired promises and marketing taglines. Unfortunately for them, they’ll all end up losing out to those who see that sharing makes good sense when it comes to business.