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Announcing AIM Style Vault

Everyone who works with WordPress owes a debt to the many developers who have created so many awesome open source capabilities for the platform. As a WordPress developer, theRead more

Seattle WordPress Design Options—Part 2: WordPress developers

Be sure to check out Seattle WordPress Design—Part 1: DIY For Puget Sound area businesses that want a WordPress website built for them, the obvious choice is a SeattleRead more

Website Planning Questionnaire

The following website planning questions will help you evaluate what you need a website to do for your business and what to expect from the web development process. 1.Read more

Link yourself to keywords

Some onsite SEO can be a simple matter of finding opportunities that you’ve overlooked in the past. For blogs, and WordPress blogs in particular, one of those often-missed opportunitiesRead more


Update on Kent WA and Issaquah web design SEO test

If you read through our initial post on our recent test for optimizing two posts using niche keywords, you might be interested to see how the posts are doingRead more

Kent WA and Issaquah Web Design Search Test Results

Testing the effectiveness of various SEO tactics is part of what we do at AIMBIZ, and it’s something anyone can do using free tools such as the Google Keyword

Good web design equals good writing

Good web design is about good writing; don’t buy any nonsense to the contrary. The online experience is primarily a reading experience. Why? Users want information fast and readingRead more

Web Design for Issaquah Accounting Firm

Whenever we finish a web design project, we like to share it with the world, and that’s true of the recently published web site for Good Sense Accounting inRead more

Web Design for Kent, WA Bakery

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our most recent web design project—Sweet Themes Bakery.  The Kent, Washington bakery is just getting started, but Chief Cookie Officer Alison CarchediRead more

What’s Most Important For Business Web Design?

It’s not what you think. It isn’t search engine optimization…although good SEO is important for most businesses since advertising is so expensive. And it isn’t graphic design; unless theRead more