…one giant leap for small business websites

Welcome to the new AIM website. Previous visitors will notice the fresh presentation and new branding focus, but some of the biggest changes will be found on our Services page. AIM has always tried to deliver small business websites with no surprises; that idea is the basis for our free website mockup offer. We’re going even further to help customers understand the best options for their needs, to include preplanning and analysis as part of our proposal process (the stuff we do to win your trust and your job before you spend a cent), and to make the entire process transparent so you understand where your money is going and what value it provides.

Fixed website development pricing

Now we’ve added a fixed pricing model that allows customers to calculate the cost of a website with any of our selected options; check off the option desired and the total is calculated at the bottom of the page. This tool is particularly useful when shopping for a web developer. If you ask for a quote from another web development company for comparison, be sure to request that they itemize the list.

Evaluate your website

We’ve also added a tool that helps people quickly grade the competitiveness of their website or the websites of competitors. Our Website Evaluator asks you eleven questions and returns an overall grade based on your responses. The areas being graded are those that have a real impact on search engine results position, the website’s overall ability to be found online and the user experience for visitors.

The new Get Growing option

Over the past several years our Get Growing websites have evolved from a simple design with growth potential to a modular approach that allows clients more latitude in design to fit their needs while keeping costs low. The new Get Growing package is the culmination of what we’ve learned from our customers. On a competitive basis of comparing apples to apples, AIM’s Get Growing websites are likely the best business website deal in Seattle. But it isn’t just the design flexibility that makes our entry-level web solution so attractive; it’s the fact that you get our expert help in putting the right modules in place to meet your needs and then we add your brand elements to make the site unique. No template solution or tweaked WordPress theme can match this approach. The real magic is that the Get Growing site is built on the same foundation as our most complex customized websites, which means that it can grow and evolve as you need it to. And that means you won’t have to build a new website a few years down the road when your business expands or changes direction.

AIM higher

Why are we evoking the moon landings in our new branding messages and images? It’s all about your aspirations to do more, to earn more, to provide better service and options. AIM is a small business designed to help other small businesses succeed in what has become the most important and most competitive marketplace in history—the Internet. We’ve seen clients use our websites and strategies to build successful brands and businesses, and we want you to succeed, as well. The first small step you can take won’t cost you anything except the time to talk with us about how we can help you.