New AIMBIZ message guy asks, "Why is it that when I Google my business I get an alpaca ranch in Alaska?

The long-overdue website design update for is finally finished and we hope you find it easy-to-use and helpful. We’re pretty happy with how it turned out. The new site features our latest improvements in coding and responsive design, and that’s important as the website should be a testimony to what we can do and what we know is important for users and web standards.

The website is really focused on the work we’ve been doing recently. From the home page with its flip box examples and links to client websites and testimonials to the Our Work gallery visitors will find images and descriptions of how we solve all sorts of problems for clients with attractive and useful solutions. We hope you dig a bit deeper to check out some of the case studies then link to the actual live client websites.

Along with the fresh look and presentation, we hope to bring you more updated news on what AIM is doing, interesting news about our clients and insights into matters of importance for your website. Once a website is up and running, that’s just the start: new content, technical updates, connecting to social media and keeping up with the competition is all a part of the game. As always, we’ll try to make it fun and informative, whether you’re a client or a visitor passing through. If you like what you see, we would love to hear from you. Now go explore…