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A call-to-action screen created using WordPress Group Block

How to use Group Blocks in the WordPress Editor

In the video below, we share how easy it is to build elements in the WordPress editor using the Group Block. Our WordPress Wizardry demonstration takes viewers through the

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Add metadata to WordPress images

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Meta Description Tag Tips

Consider ad copy that’s full of hyperbole such as “this is the greatest cat bath ever” or “you won’t believe your eyes”. Most people see such claims as marketingRead more


Installing Google Analytics on WordPress

Metrics are the often-overlooked part of managing a website, but knowing who is visiting the site, where they are reaching the site from and what they are clicking onLearn more about using Google Analytics


Website Evaluator

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What to watch out for on the web

There are lots of things that can hurt your online efforts, but we’ll note some of those with the worst possible effects: Flash sites: If someone tries to sellRead more