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Gutenburg blockprint

AIM’s Ready for Gutenberg, Are You?

Imagine you go to work one day and everything has changed. Your desk is now a touchscreen. Your chair is a giant ball. The bathrooms have been moved. Your

New AIMBIZ message guy asks, "Why is it that when I Google my business I get an alpaca ranch in Alaska?

New Website Design

The long-overdue website design update for is finally finished and we hope you find it easy-to-use and helpful. We’re pretty happy with how it turned out. The new

AIM and WordPress flags atop mountain

WordPress Rules the Web & AIM Rules WordPress

Nearly half of all Internet websites are now based on the WordPress platform. There are many reasons for this dominance: ease of use, search engine friendliness, open source code,Read more

Announcing AIM Style Vault

Everyone who works with WordPress owes a debt to the many developers who have created so many awesome open source capabilities for the platform. As a WordPress developer, theRead more

How to make a king

One day the Earl of Bogland visited his friend the King where, over a luncheon of tasty raspberry muffins, pumpkin soup, asparagus hollandaise and succulent squid pie, the EarlRead more


One small step for AIM…

…one giant leap for small business websites Welcome to the new AIM website. Previous visitors will notice the fresh presentation and new branding focus, but some of the biggestRead more


AIM team on the radio!

Eric Boettcher, CEO and Scott Pelland, President of Applied Imagination Media, along with Kirk Davis of the Small Business Development Center at Green River Community College, were guests onRead more

Michelangelo’s Chisel

Michelangelo stepped back from the nearly finished and almost perfect statue of David and remarked: “Thanks to the magic of my chisel, I have created a work worthy ofRead more