So what do we do when we’re not blogging, networking, coding or walking the dog? We build great websites like the ones in our new showcase gallery. When you check it out, you’ll find a collection of front page images from selected projects created by Applied Imagination Media. You can click on any title above the main image to see the site’s profile, then sit back, munch on a cookie (or your snack of choice) and enjoy the clean presentations and instantly accessible messaging of our online work. Ahhh… how refreshing it is to be free of clutter, bizarre navigation, annoying Flash presentations and designs that look as if they were all the rage in the previous century.

Our AIM is to provide functionality that is useful for business

The takeaway is this — AIMBIZ clients have the capability to create galleries and portfolios built-into their sites so that everything works right out of the box. To some this might seem like overkill; why provide a feature that might not be used or that you could charge for as a separate item? But we believe it is smarter to provide solutions to the most common business needs, such as having a portfolio or gallery that can be integrated into the website wherever and however it is needed. By identifying common needs of businesses and creating built-in solutions that can be adapted to any design, we end the traditional (and wasteful) web development cycle of having to reinvent the wheel for every project. The savings in time is huge, which is one of the reasons we can offer such feature-rich websites at a fraction of the cost of other web developers in Seattle or anywhere else.