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A long-time commercial realtor needed a vehicle to compete with multi-national competition

Jack Richlen knew all about the workings of commercial real estate in and around Seattle. With 50 years of experience under his belt in everything from sales and property management to developing, financing and raising equity, he had it covered; but the one thing he knew about the Internet was that he needed to know more about it. Jack wanted an online partner that could help him realize his goals, and that’s why he chose us—not just to build and manage his website, but to make the most out of the opportunity. Since content truly is the king of the Internet, and as Jack used to write for a military newspaper back in the days of the Vietnam War, teaching an old dog a new trick seemed like a thing worth trying. We helped Jack understand how blogging about the Seattle commercial real estate market, relying on his years of experience, was a great way to get found via Google search. And, to stir yet another learning metaphor into the mix, he took to blogging like a duck to water and SCRE shows up on page one of most relevant searches along with, and often ahead of, giant, global conglomerates.

Seattle Commercial Real Estate website design by AIM

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“Thank you Applied Imagination Media.  You have provided us with an online secure application solution which has helped put us on the map.  You are awesome to work with and always promptly respond to any questions we have.  I highly recommend your services and would look forward to speaking with any of your prospects to provide any additional feedback.“

Keith Stone
President & CEO, The Finest Federal Credit Union