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A leading Pacific Northwest dairy distributor wanted a fresh start online

The leading dairy distributor in the Pacific Northwest supplies fresh dairy and gourmet specials to restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other food service companies from the Canadian border to Eugene, Oregon. Fresh is the keyword here. But the company’s old website was past its expiration date and Medosweet knew it was time for an online presence that would be as reliably fresh as their daily deliveries. Taking AIM helped them realize the dream of a contact point where clients could both discover Medosweet’s advantages and communicate directly with the company. Featuring great messaging, easily updated monthly specials and user-friendly drill-down topics, the new website answers Medosweet’s needs…but to our mind, the real star is the friendly yet curious cow peering out of the home page. We invite you to go check it out using the Visit site link below then ask yourself how could you not trust that cow?

Medosweet web site created by AIM

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“AIM did more than build a website, they delivered my brand to the online community.”

Gary Hunter
Principal, Capital Financial, LLC