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Criterion NDT was on the cutting edge of its technology, but its website wasn't cutting the mustard

The folks at Criterion NDT are smart cookies. Their eddy current testing instruments are the tools rocket scientists rely on so they never have to say, “Oops. There goes another one.” during launches. Non Destructive Testing is also vital for medical instruments and aeronautics, so it’s not a stretch to say that Criterion NDT is all about quality. But as advanced as their engineering and manufacturing is, Criterion had a website with issues. We were asked to check it out, and to our horror we discovered non-standard code hacked into an old WordPress theme. Let’s just say a website like that is less likely to make it off the launch pad than a washing machine. So we tinkered and patched and got the old turkey gobbling again then we recommended a better way—a website that would include back-end controls, reliable performance and improved SEO. They wanted it. Like I said, smart cookies.

Criterion NDT web design by AIM

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“My experience with hiring your team at AIM to rebuild my website from the ground up was done with outstanding professionalism! Your creativity and attention to detail was exceptional! Delivered and exceeded my expectations. Great Job!!”

Duane Veit
Veit Tool & Gage, Inc.