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An online store needed a fresh look and updated functionality.

What Eric and Marilyn Torrison know about headsets and the telecom business could fill an encyclopedia; no wonder, they’ve been selling and supporting top-end telecom products for nearly 30 years. We first connected with BTP to create new messaging and a marketing front-end for their e-commerce shop, and when they later wanted to modernize the entire website we not only made an e-commerce solution that was easier for them to operate and update, but we also customized the entire process from ordering to packaging and shipping to make things more efficient, saving them both time and money. But wait, there’s more, because BTP wanted to provide customized service to their big, national clients, and to do that we built a quasi-Intranet to support each client’s needs with uniquely relevant content. How is that even possible, you might ask? Well, we’re just that good, not to mention about as humble as toast.

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“I was impressed with their can-do attitude towards our project. Despite my numerous last-minute demands, their response was always positive and the finished product exceeded my expectations! They continue to be helpful and responsive, troubleshooting any issues quickly and addressing new needs in stride.” 

Aileen Fredericks
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