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Our experience with WooCommerce brought us together with Aseptico, a leading dental equipment maker.

This story began with a Florida web development company that didn’t have expertise using the WooCommerce e-commerce shop for WordPress. Their client, Aseptico, was based in the Seattle area, so the Floridians looked for a local developer that could handle the job, which of course was AIM. Yep, we love us some WooCommerce. So with AIM on the job, Aseptico described their vision of creating a highly customized shop for selling their various lines of dental tools and equipment. The unique “ask” was not only that they sold directly to dentists all over the world, but they also sold portable variations of their products to the U.S. military and needed a separate catalog for that part of the business. FYI—WooCommerce doesn’t do that, at least not out of the box. But with some creativity and a lot of custom coding, we gave Aseptico the perfect tool for their marketing and sales needs. You can just imagine the bright smiles.

Aseptico home page created by AIM with e-commerce and web development

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“Thank you Applied Imagination Media.  You have provided us with an online secure application solution which has helped put us on the map.  You are awesome to work with and always promptly respond to any questions we have.  I highly recommend your services and would look forward to speaking with any of your prospects to provide any additional feedback.“

Keith Stone
President & CEO, The Finest Federal Credit Union