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They were headed to the ends of the Earth, and they wanted to bring everyone along with them.

There are people you admire and there are those that impress you with their deeds. But it is a rare thing to meet people who absolutely blow your mind with an idea then go on to make it happen. Marty and Chris Fagin belong to the last group. When we first met them, we realized that there was something special about this North Bend, Washington couple. Their dream was to be the first American married couple to reach the South Pole on skis. And they were serious about it, training daily, preparing logistics and equipment. Making it all the more special, the Iron couple wanted to share their experience as an educational opportunity online. That’s how the 3BelowZero website project began. AIM became a sponsor of the project, designed the expedition logo and developed a blog featuring videos, posts, galleries and even weather reports from the South Pole to help keep followers involved. In the end, Chris and Marty made history by succeeding in their quest.

3 Below Zero website development by AIM

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