Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Content

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Many SEO companies like to make search engine optimization seem highly technical or even a bit magical. But as Google continues to refine its search algorithms and ranking methods, one thing is clear. Old-school SEO link-building is a bad tactic that will likely backfire on you. The safe solution is to play the game by Google’s rules, and that means including great content on your website that people will want to see. No tricks. No rabbits or hats. Just share what you know. And to gain search visibility for your awesome content, you need to use keywords properly.

The sad SEO tale of the Linda-2

Consider the guy who invents an incredible low-cost flying car that is powered by water and can land in your driveway. It’s way beyond Jetson cool and it will sell for just $10,000. He wants to brand this marvel after his wife, Linda, so he calls it the Linda-2 and refers to it always as the Linda-2 on his website: “The Linda-2 is the first Linda-2 that runs on water (or pulp-free orange juice) and which has a range of 537.5 miles. You can land the Linda-2 vertically in a parking lot and take-off on a 12-foot runway.” Unfortunately, nobody knows to search for “Linda-2” and so the brilliant invention is overlooked, the inventor goes broke, Linda 1 leaves him and the inventor’s dog laps up half the fuel in the Linda-2, which subsequently runs out of water over the Mojave Desert and crashes, dooming the citizens of Earth to further decades of ground-based transportation. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR CONTENT!!!

AIM higher with our top 10 SEO strategies for content

Now that you’re thoroughly frightened, you should be ready to read AIM’s guide to content optimization: Top 10 Keyword Strategies for WordPress SEO. It may not be as fun as driving the Linda-2, but it will help your business soar.

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