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Some onsite SEO can be a simple matter of finding opportunities that you’ve overlooked in the past. For blogs, and WordPress blogs in particular, one of those often-missed opportunities is optimizing the author tag. In WordPress, every author can specify a nickname, which can be selected as the name that appears as the byline for that author’s posts. This author tag is also a link to an author page that lists all of that author’s posts, and search engines love links because they help lead to related content.

Use keywords in your WordPress nickname

Most people use their names in one form or another for their bylines, and that’s okay, but what about extending the value of that a bit. If, in addition to your name, you also include keywords that describe your areas of specialty, you’ll add SEO punch to a valuable link and further inform readers about your areas of interest and expertise. On my author page at, you can see how I’ve added keywords such as web design and Internet marketing that describe how I help clients. Adding keyword-rich descriptions to your author tag is an easy win-win that will be repeated automatically on all of your posts.

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