Online Marketing

You may have a great website, but how do you get people to see it? Online marketing is about getting those visitors to come and stay awhile.

Your website is just one piece of an overall online marketing strategy. Sure, your website might be terrific at telling your story and building trust, but if nobody sees it, then it’s not really doing its job. Search engine optimization, Google and Facebook advertising, social media integration, email campaigns and landing pages can all work in concert to create awareness, drive traffic to your site and help you get more customers. We don’t just help businesses look good, we help them get looked at.

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Doing SEO right

Search engine optimization requires a targeted, ongoing approach. Ranking for your top keywords in organic search results on Google doesn’t happen overnight. We begin the process by researching keywords and your market then apply proven SEO tactics to your content and throughout the website. Learn more…

Online advertising

Creating a sales or contact funnel often begins with a strategic online click ad through Google or Facebook that leads to a landing page on your website designed to convert. We help clients throughout the process: setting up and running campaigns, designing landing pages, and providing data and analysis on the results.

Social media integration

The internet is not a Field of Dreams–if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. In fact, visitors need links to find your pages. One way to build links and grow your brand is by connecting your website content to your social media posts. AIM creates easy-to-apply social strategies and tactics based on your brand and capabilities.

Email & newsletters

Every business needs to communicate what they do and why they’re special, and there is no better audience than people who have already made a connection with you by submitting their email address. Creating email and newsletter blasts is an important way AIM helps clients keep their communities up-do-date.

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