Graphic Design

You hang art in a museum. Graphic design is what goes everywhere else.

When you need a company logo or full brand design guide, the last thing you want is an artist going full Salvador Dali on you. Graphic design is as much about communication as it is about being pleasing to the eye. Elements need to work together in real world situations, such as on signage or the side of a truck. Images need to be connected to brand messages. Colors need to enhance meaning as well as have an impact. Graphic design is highly strategic – it needs to succeed both online and in print. If you want great art, head to the Louvre. If you want great graphic design, you’re in the right place.

Branding and logos

Your brand is what people think of you, so your brand design should communicate the best of what you are and do. We help clients create and refine their brand identity with logos and graphic assets that get noticed. Founding partner Eric Boettcher masterfully communicates complex ideas with elegant yet approachable designs.

Online design

Every color and font choice on your website serves a purpose, and they must all work together to enhance communication, brand awareness, clarity, and accessibility. The AIM team brings decades of experience from both the print world and online design to ensure that your graphic treatments are professional, clear and attractive.

Photography & video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but not all pictures say what you want them to say. Choosing great photos or taking them requires attention to how they’ll be used. We work closely with clients to find or create the perfect photographic and video assets to enhance their websites and key messaging.

Printed materials

Consistency across media is an important and too often overlooked element of branding. Many of our clients take advantage of our design expertise in creating signs, flyers, business cards, banners, stationery, forms and other printed materials. We’ll even take care of sourcing and delivering the final print materials.

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