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Easy Web Graphics with PicMonkey

Picnik—the online photo-editor that pioneered the genre—is officially out to lunch (and it’s not coming back), but hold back those tears long enough to say hello to PicMonkey. PicMonkey.com Read more

Spam, spam, spam and comment spam

Monty Python sang about spam. Campers eat spam. But when it comes to your website, spam is no laughing matter and when you get a ton of it, it’s Read more

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The Social Media Snowball Effect

Learn how social media can be used to power a business website using the snowball effect of social media sharing.Learn more about social media

Kent WA and Issaquah Web Design SEO Test Results

This post was first published in 2011 when the optimizing test was performed on the two websites noted below. Current search results–10-years later–no longer reflect those earlier efforts, which Read More

Good web design equals good writing

For most businesses, the optimum online experience is primarily a reading experience. Learn why this is so.Read more

Unlocking Search with Keywords

Anything that gets typed into a search engine is a keyword. Keywords that are used often in search are called “seed keywords”. Seed keywords can be so general that Learn more about keywords

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Business Blogging Basics

What are the basics of business blogging success? Read on.Read more
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WordPress Category Planning

A blog without categories would be one, long, undifferentiated stream of posts with no way to group similar topics. It makes sense to plan your categories with care.Read more
How to get your business noticed online post image on aimbiz.com

How to get your business found online

The Internet is where meaningful customer contacts are made, so it makes sense to know how you can make your business website as visible as possible to potential and Read more

Why WordPress is best for business

Why do so many people talk about the benefits of using a WordPress blog for business websites? I’ve been building WordPress for more than a dozen years now, and Read more

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