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Gutenburg blockprint, illustrates the origin of the WordPress Gutenberg editor

Time to Embrace the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor for WordPress is here to stay. AIM's websites are designed to take full advantage of the new content-creation tools.Read More
Rocket with WordPress logo blasting off for WordPress tutorials and tips

WordPress Rules the Web & AIM Rules WordPress

WordPress is a powerful online tool for business. Learn how AIM has made it even more impactful for our clients. Read More

How to make a king

One day the Earl of Bogland visited his friend the King where, over a luncheon of tasty raspberry muffins, pumpkin soup, asparagus hollandaise and succulent squid pie, the Earl Read more

Rocket with WordPress logo blasting off for WordPress tutorials and tips

WordPress tips for everyone

We love WordPress at AIM, and we believe that it is the best web platform and content management system in the universe, which is saying something because the universe Read more

Unwelcome Web Welcomes

Why are key messages so important? On the Internet, people are looking for answers to questions and they are comparing services based on their web pages. If they don’t Read more

Update on Kent WA and Issaquah web design SEO test

If you read through our initial post on our test for optimizing two posts using niche keywords, you might be interested to see how the posts are doing about Read more

Michelangelo’s Chisel

Michelangelo stepped back from the nearly finished and almost perfect statue of David and remarked: “Thanks to the magic of my chisel, I have created a work worthy of Read more

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