Business Reading Light? Not so much.’s Jessica Stillman found an article on the farnamstreetblog listing 20 books recommended by Warren Buffet’s right-hand guy, Charlie Munger. Although Stillman boiled the picks down to the top 10 (’cause everyone likes a top 10 list) we’re including a link to the entire list of 20 books. You might think Munger would focus on business tomes, but it turns out that his recommendations are far more eclectic,  with subjects ranging from history to science to biography to psychology…with a few notable scrolls on the business world thrown in for good measure.

So why should you care? In business, as in virtually all worthwhile pursuits, the well-read person has a step-up on creative solutions. The more knowledge and perspective you bring to any question, the easier it is to find answers.

As I scanned the list, I recognized a few of the picks, and as for the others I’ve added them to my own reading list. They may not really be “light” reading, but I expect they will be illuminating.

Source: 10 Book Recommendations From Warren Buffett’s Right-Hand Man

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