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What’s Most Important For Business Web Design?

It’s not what you think. It isn’t search engine optimization…although good SEO is important for most businesses since advertising is so expensive. And it isn’t graphic design; unless theRead more

AIMBIZ web design showcase

So what do we do when we’re not blogging, networking, coding or walking the dog? We build great websites like the ones in our new showcase gallery. When youRead more

TOPICS: shows off the new full-screen editor for WordPress 3.2

WordPress 3.2 Arrives

The official release of WordPress version 3.2 has arrived, and we’re busy testing the upgraded version on several AIM websites, including This version contains several performance improvements that

The editing screen of the WYSIWYG Widgets WordPress plugin is explained by

WYSIWYG Widgets Plugin Review

The standard WordPress Text widget is fine for anyone who knows HTML, but for the millions of WordPress users who wouldn’t know a closed tag from a ham sandwichRead more

Golden egg photo at for the post "Building Trucks for Giants", which is about how to plan a business website.

Building Trucks for Giants

Imagine that you build trucks for a living and you’re approached by a family of giants who wish to hire you. They really don’t know much about trucks sinceRead more

a cat on a comupter in the image for Business Blogging Basics

Business Blogging Basics

If blogging were dead simple my cat could do it. But the fact is that blogging takes a bit of time, some effort, and most of all the knowledgeRead more

WordPress Category Planning

Categories give WordPress blogs and bizblogs structure. Everything from what content shows up on what page to searching for specific content on a site is determined by categories andRead more

Why Twitter Is Good For Business

The name of the game in using Twitter is sharing not selling. The challenge is to connect with lots of people who are interested in seeing what you haveRead more

How to get your business noticed online post image on

How to get your business found online

The Internet is where meaningful customer contacts are made, so it makes sense to know how you can make your business website as visible as possible to potential andRead more

Why WordPress is best for business

Why do so many people talk about the benefits of using a WordPress blog for business websites? I’ve been building WordPress blogs and bizblogs for several years now, andRead more