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LunaPic = Free Online Photo Editor WOW

Like PicMonkey and Photoshop Express, LunaPic (at is a free online photo editor with some impressive features. In fact, if you compare features between these three web apps, Read more

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Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Content

Many SEO companies like to make search engine optimization seem highly technical or even a bit magical. But as Google continues to refine its search algorithms and ranking methods, Learn more about SEO

Two blog posts are better than one

People love previews: we love previews when we go to the movies; we love previews of books, apps, TV shows, music. If we could preview important events in our Read more

Installing Google Analytics on WordPress

Metrics are the often-overlooked part of managing a website, but knowing who is visiting the site, where they are reaching the site from and what they are clicking on Learn more about using Google Analytics

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WordPress tags optimized for search

Learn how you can use WordPress tags to give your SEO an extra boost of link power.Read more
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Website Evaluator

This post lists the critical elements that every business website should have to thrive.Read more
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What to watch out for on the web

The internet is a bit like a jungle with dangers lurking where you least expect them. If you avoid the pitfalls listed here, you should survive.Read more

Website Planning Questionnaire

If you're planning on getting a website, ask yourself the following questions and consider our comments. This post is a great place to start.Read more

Easy Web Graphics with PicMonkey

Picnik—the online photo-editor that pioneered the genre—is officially out to lunch (and it’s not coming back), but hold back those tears long enough to say hello to PicMonkey. Read more

Unwelcome Web Welcomes

Why are key messages so important? On the Internet, people are looking for answers to questions and they are comparing services based on their web pages. If they don’t Read more

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