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A call-to-action screen created using WordPress Group Block

How to use Group Blocks in the WordPress Editor

In the video below, we share how easy it is to build elements in the WordPress editor using the Group Block. Our WordPress Wizardry demonstration takes viewers through the

Gutenburg blockprint

AIM’s Ready for Gutenberg, Are You?

Imagine you go to work one day and everything has changed. Your desk is now a touchscreen. Your chair is a giant ball. The bathrooms have been moved. Your

New AIMBIZ message guy asks, "Why is it that when I Google my business I get an alpaca ranch in Alaska?

New Website Design

The long-overdue website design update for is finally finished and we hope you find it easy-to-use and helpful. We’re pretty happy with how it turned out. The new

AIM and WordPress flags atop mountain

WordPress Rules the Web & AIM Rules WordPress

Nearly half of all Internet websites are now based on the WordPress platform. There are many reasons for this dominance: ease of use, search engine friendliness, open source code,Read more

Business Reading Light? Not so much.’s Jessica Stillman found an article on the farnamstreetblog listing 20 books recommended by Warren Buffet’s right-hand guy, Charlie Munger. Although Stillman boiled the picks down to the topRead more

Top 10 Signs You REALLY, REALLY Need A New Website

Have you ever looked at your website and wondered if it was truly up-to-snuff? That’s often the beginning of the journey that brings clients to AIM. So to helpRead more

Increase your LinkedIn profile views by 425%? Really?

A lot of people think LinkedIn is just about recruitment and job searches. The truth is, LinkedIn is a more powerful leads engine than you might think, particularly forRead more

Google Unveils New Search Results Link Conventions

The Google Webmaster Central Blog has announced that meaningful URLs will count even more in the latest algorithm update. Google search results are getting a facelift, as well, withRead more


Social Media Marketing With Multiple Flavors

I recently ran across this post from Chris Brogan: Content Marketing as a Food Truck: Rethinking Content Marketing In A World of Splintered Attention – What struck meRead more


Don’t lose your ability to post to Facebook!

RSS Graffiti, one of the most-used tool to automatically publish your WordPress blog posts to Facebook, is going away at the end of the month. We’ve been using theRead more