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Gutenburg blockprint, illustrates the origin of the WordPress Gutenberg editor

Time to Embrace the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor for WordPress is here to stay. AIM's websites are designed to take full advantage of the new content-creation tools.Read More
Rocket with WordPress logo blasting off for WordPress tutorials and tips

WordPress Rules the Web & AIM Rules WordPress

WordPress is a powerful online tool for business. Learn how AIM has made it even more impactful for our clients. Read More

Business Reading Light? Not so much.

What do the top business people read to improve themselves and their business? Let's take a look at what's Jessica Stillman found out. Read more

Top 10 Signs You REALLY, REALLY Need A New Website

Have you ever looked at your website and wondered if it was truly up-to-snuff? That’s often the beginning of the journey that brings clients to AIM. So to help Read more

Increase your LinkedIn profile views by 425%? Really?

A lot of people think LinkedIn is just about recruitment and job searches. The truth is, LinkedIn is a more powerful leads engine than you might think.Read more

Google Unveils New Search Results Link Conventions

The Google Webmaster Central Blog has announced that meaningful URLs will count even more in the latest algorithm update. Google search results are getting a facelift, as well, with Read more

Social Media Marketing With Multiple Flavors

I recently ran across this post from Chris Brogan: Content Marketing as a Food Truck: Rethinking Content Marketing In A World of Splintered Attention – What struck me Read more

YouTube Cards Add SEO Value

John Jantsch of often shares quick, helpful marketing tools and strategies with his followers. In his review of the new “cards” feature rolled-out by YouTube, which allows you Read more

Free Websites: You Get What You Pay For

You’ve probably seen the promises made by free website providers on TV and online ads. Smiling business people click a few buttons to create a web page that will …Read more

10 Blogging New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the big ball has fallen in Times Square and polar bears around the globe have plunged bravely into icy waters, it’s time to make resolutions for the Read more

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