AIM’s Web Design Process

Surprises can be fun on your birthday, but not so much when your business depends on a particular outcome. AIM’s web design process eliminates surprises.

At AIM, we strive to deliver great, pain-free web design service from first contact to everyday maintenance years down the road. Part of that is making our process transparent to clients. Below, you’ll see exactly how we go about delivering on this painless approach to building websites. And if you have any questions, we’re happy to chat at any time, except when we’re asleep.

First Contact

This refers to our first phone call or meeting to discuss your project, not the initial communication with an alien intelligence. Most web design companies rely on an online form to get to know you, but to get a solid idea about your business or organization and your real online needs requires an open two-way discussion with questions and answers going both ways. That first contact may lead to additional discussions to fully understand the scope of your project.

The Proposal

This refers to a written proposal that details our recommendations for your website, not a romantic query about marriage. In the proposal, we describe what we propose to deliver to you, how it will promote your needs online, how much it will cost and how long it will take to complete. We also include a proposed web design mockup that illustrates how various elements might be displayed on the site.

The Contract

This refers to the legal agreement between you and AIM that outlines the project, not some silly alternate definition of the word contract, such as shrinkage or getting a disease. If you accept the proposal and choose to work with us, we draft a contract that includes a statement of work. The benefit of this is that both parties know exactly what is going to be delivered and for what cost. There’s no guess work and no hidden cost. Our quote is your price.

The Development of Assets

This refers to the setup and creation of the agreed-upon items, which could include brand graphics, a website, written content, SEO, and a host of activities that go into creating an effective online presence. It does not refer to the education of young donkeys.

Change Orders

This refers to changing the scope of work, not commanding someone to put on a new shirt. Change orders can be made before, during or after the originally contracted work if you want to add to the scope of the project, such as adding more pages or changing the design.

Delivery, or Go Live

This refers to your website being published and accessible online, not overseeing the birth of a child, which is way over our paygrade. Go Live occurs after we’ve tested all the elements of the project and you’ve approved the final version.

Hosting & Maintenance

This refers to the online server host and periodic updates performed by AIM, not catering parties or house repair. We take care of all the details and your annual hosting and maintenance cost is included as part of the proposal and contract. Again, no surprises.

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