AIM Frame Theme

We believe every website needs to be versatile and ready to adapt to future needs. The WordPress platform relies on “themes” to structure and style websites, but themes are usually designed to present information for a particular purpose, such as a news blog or a travel site. Our custom AIM Frame theme takes a different approach. It is designed to be flexible from the outset so that it can accommodate virtually any design or purpose. That means changes both big and small can be implemented quickly and less expensively than switching to an entirely new theme as is standard practice with WordPress.

AIM Frame Template Customization

Header, footer, and basic page templates are controlled using the WordPress Customizer with AIM Frame’s custom options. For the header and footer, common content elements such as logos, menus and call-to-action messages can be added, moved around, and styled. Page templates for the home page and default pages can be set up with sidebars, a variety of widths, and styling elements. The blog/archives page and single post pages have content controls in addition to the styling controls. Whether you are setting up these basic templates for the first time or updating design elements, the changes are easy to make and can be rolled back.

AIM Frame & Gutenberg

AIM Frame leverages the versatility that the new WordPress block editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg) brings to on-page creativity. The block system allows us or any author to design each page according to the type of content being displayed and a set of styling controls, which can vary depending on the block. The theme itself incorporates several features that work together with the blocks, such as a custom palette of colors and pre-selected fonts and font-sizes for headings, captions, and other common font uses. We also include custom blocks such as our Query Block that can add highly customized collections of posts or custom post-types to be included on any post or page. We also build custom blocks for clients depending on their needs so that they can add content easily on their own and it will always look like it was created by a pro.

AIM Frame Hooks

The most powerful feature of the AIM Frame theme might be its use of template hooks. Each AIM Frame template contains a set of action hooks that allow a web developer or programmer to add custom features virtually anywhere on the website and to do so based on conditions. That means you can display content to users or based on a specific set of actions.

Plugin Compatibility

Thousands of plugins that extend functionality in a myriad of ways are available for WordPress websites; many are free while some require a premium license. Of these, we have tested and used hundreds over the years so that we can provide our clients with the best, most cost-effective solutions. After all, we don’t want to charge customers for reinventing the wheel when a great wheel already exists. It is important to know that AIM Frame is compatible with this vast library of plugins. Some of the popular plugins we use frequently include:

  • Gravity Forms (form creation)
  • WooCommerce (e-commerce)
  • Yoast SEO (SEO)
  • All-in-One SEO (SEO)
  • WordFence (security)
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro (custom fields and blocks)
  • Google Analytics for WordPress (page analytics)
  • Max Mega Menu Pro (complex menu systems)
  • Yoast Duplicate Post (page cloning)

AIM Prodigy child theme

In addition to AIM Frame, we use a child theme called AIM Prodigy. Why use a child theme? Simply because it allows us to fully customize our clients’ sites while maintaining the ability to update the base AIM Frame theme. Preserving backward compatibility while adding new and improved features is part of our support service.

AIM Frame for the longterm

Our decision to build and support a theme framework rather than using an off-the-shelf solution came about because we have always wanted to offer long-term solutions to our clients. Knowing that business needs change over time, we wanted to offer flexibility. And while there are a variety of frameworks and flexible solutions available to developers in the WordPress universe, none of them focused on essential needs of business.

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