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Picnik—the online photo-editor that pioneered the genre—is officially out to lunch (and it’s not coming back), but hold back those tears long enough to say hello to PicMonkey. PicMonkey.com offers many of the same features once found in Picnik, and that isn’t surprising since the same team that brought us Picnik six years ago also put together PicMonkey. Maybe they just wanted a new challenge and a new name.

Going ape for PicMonkey

I was thrilled to discover that the PicMonkey interface is even easier to use than the Picnik UI, which is saying something, and for anyone who needs a quick photo editor for tweaking web graphics or turning a photo into a banner or button, PicMonkey is a great new option. I recommend PicMonkey as a free alternative to Photoshop for web managers and online photo buffs for two reasons. First, you can save your image at an optimized (compressed) file size that keeps your load times to a minimum. And second, the cropping tool is useful for online image prep as many web images must be an exact size or ratio. After that, the ability to add text, filters and frames can come in handy for creating banners, slides and advertisements on the cheap. One downside to the web app, however, is that you won’t be able to save your projects as in-process files. You can save only completed images, which means that you need to finish your editing in one go.

Here are some of PicMonkey’s features:

  • Cropping and resizing
  • Filters and effects
  • Text tools, including sizing, color and transparency
  • Overlays (Great for making banner ads!)
  • Frames
  • Textures
AIMBIZ.com reviews the picmonkey.com user interface with a screenshot

You can turn a photo into a communication tool easily with PicMonkey’s photo editor.

There are both free and premium tools on the site, and PicMonkey requires Adobe Flash to be installed on your computer or device, so iPhone users are out of luck. The premium “Royale” service costs as little as $2.75/month and opens up lots of effects and frames that aren’t available to free-users. Even so, if your photo-editing needs are modest, PicMonkey’s free features are hard to beat, and if you’re seriously into tweaking your images, the paid version offers a lot of bling.

If you’d like to compare PicMonkey to another free online photo editor, check out our review of LunaPic.

If you found this article useful, or you would like to share some other online photo-editing website, please let us know. Thanks for reading.

23 thoughts on “Easy Web Graphics with PicMonkey

    • Hi, Julienne: PicMonkey.com requires the latest version of Adobe Flash. My guess is that you need to update your Flash player. If you click on the “Edit your photo” box on the PicMonkey home page, you should get a message indicating that you need to update Flash–that is if that’s the problem. If you don’t get that message, it might be a browser issue. When a website doesn’t seem to behave as it once did, it’s always a good idea to clear your cache. Alternately, you can try opening the site in a new browser. In general, we recommend the use of Firefox or Chrome

  • I’m getting frusterated too. All of a sudden after an hour of editing I will be ALMOST finished and the wedsite will just freeze up. I can’t more text around, it’s just stuck. My browser is still working at the time and I haven’t received a adobe message to update anything either? So that is the only thing I find really frustrating. Other than that I love the site. I just wish that wouldn’t happen. I also wish we could save the project and come back to it to edit it??? Am I missing something or is that not going to be an option bc it’s free?

    • Missy, I haven’t experienced the site locking up, but you should let the PicMonkey team know the circumstances so they can look into it. Go to the home page and click the Help link at the bottom; you’ll be able to send them a message. Believe me, developers want to hear about this stuff so they can fix it. As for saving your project, there is a save and upload function in the editor. You’ll save to a local folder (on your computer).

  • I have just discovered Pic Monkey, and am an absolute newbie to photo editing. I had so much fun playing with it over the weekend. Even used one of the free trial special effects. Super easy and intuitve!

  • Dear Picmonkey team. Really like your new photo editor but have been unable to save edited photo. When I save it it says photo saved but I am unable to find it in my files. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you. jp

    • Hi, John: Here at AIMBIZ we develop websites, but we didn’t create PicMonkey. I’m sure the team at PicMonkey would appreciate your comments. There’s a Help link at the bottom of the PicMonkey home page.

  • I love picMonkey but lately some of my edited images that I try to save gets stuck on compressing:( Please help!

    • Hi, Mariya: Your best bet would be to contact the PicMonkey developers. At PicMonkey.com, look for the Help link at the bottom of the page. Try to describe exactly what has happened when the images aren’t saved. You can always try a different browser, as well. For instance, if you normally use Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome instead. Good luck!

  • I’ve been using Picmonkey ever since Picnik closed. It was fine at first but lately none of my pictures will save.
    Everytime I click save it says the internet is having problems and it goes back to the home page. I haven’t been
    able to save any of my pictures lately and it’s starting to piss me off. There is nothing wrong with my internet
    I’ve checked, it only does it with Picmonkey when I go to save my picture. I don’t know what to do, can someone
    please help me?

    • Hi, Jessica: Although AIM doesn’t make PicMonkey, we do like the site and we encourage users to contact the PicMonkey.com team when they encounter problems. Several of our review readers have mentioned difficulties when saving their files. When it comes to web-based apps, there can be a lot of reasons why something doesn’t work but that isn’t related to the website itself. It’s quite possible that there is something on your computer or the browser you’re using that is causing the difficulty. The first thing to do is clear your web cache and try again. Second, be sure that your installation of Flash is up-to-date since PicMonkey requires that program. Also, if you normally use Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome as your browser. As a web developer I can tell you that Internet Explorer is the least responsive of the major web browsers and I would encourage everyone to switch to either Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You’ll have a better web-surfing experience and fewer problems. At the very least, be sure to upgrade to IE9, the most recent version of Internet Explorer is considerably better than the previous versions. I hope this helps.

  • mine is doing the same thing as some other people! everytime i try to save a picture, it just says its not responding then it just goes back to the homepage/: i can’t edit anything & its making me mad. i dont think its my computer, cause my computers new? idunno. i just want HELP.

    • Hi, Kayla: Please refer to the response that I wrote to Jessica in this comment thread. I did contact PicMonkey several weeks ago, and they were quite responsive. The most important thing you can do to help PicMonkey, or any developer, solve a software problem, is to give them very specific information about the circumstances. Let them know your OS, browser, and Flash version. I’m guessing that the folks at PicMonkey have some other questions they can ask.

  • Picmonkey is the greatest. It’s the easiest photo editting, I like it even more than other editting tools that I bought. They make all my pictures look like they should be in magazines. ee3V0LrD6ndU

  • I love picmonkey and all and have been using it for the last few months,but after I installed the new Adobe Flash,it’ll go to where it’s gonna load the pic but the loading bar never appears. HELP?

    • Hi, Cat: As I’ve recommended to others on this page, it’s best to take these issues directly to the PicMonkey.com crew. Be sure to note the version of Flash that you installed and the web browser you are using. The more specific you can be, the more likely the folks at PicMonkey will be able to solve your current issue. Good luck!

  • Hi,
    I’ve been using Picmonkey ever since Picnik closed…
    I’ve always had positive experience, however lately, i’ll finish editing a photo&save it, and, it says saved on the website, but when i go to my pictures it isn’t there,please help?

    • Hi, Maggie: Your best bet is to contact PicMonkey.com and describe your circumstances (browser, OS, etc…) as specifically as you can. I’ve contacted PicMonkey about some of the comments we’ve received on this review about saving issues and I know they’re working out the bugs. They might have a solution for you. Good luck!

  • hello gud day…
    i am one of the user of picmonkey…
    but when i got my own computer… and trying to open the site of Picmonkey… it always turn to blue screen…
    at first im scared… but when i restart my computer… i can use the other site but when i tried again the site of yours… it turned again to a blue screen mode.. why??? please help me to fix the problem…

    my computer specs:
    2gb ram
    500 hd
    1gb videocard
    eset5 antivirus
    michelle burgos

    • Hi, Michelle: Please take a look at the response we gave to Cat in these comments. Good luck.

      • love using this application because it makes my photos look perfect than the other photos that ive used before…gudday

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