Website Development

When you choose AIM as your website development team, it’s not just to get a new website. It’s to learn how you can drive your business using online tools and strategies. It’s to get answers to the questions that are vital to your business. And it’s to get creative solutions that work in the real world. That’s our secret sauce; and most of our customers agree that it tastes pretty darn great.

It starts with what your business needs

Custom Web Design

The advantage of a custom website design over pre-made template solutions is that all the elements of a customized site—the graphic design, key messages, branding elements, content, user experience and even the backend controls—are built to promote your needs and goals. We’ve designed custom solutions for manufacturers, real estate agents, online retailers, financial institutions, law offices, health care organizations and many more industries. Take a look at some case studies.

Jump Start

Not every business is ready for a custom designed website. For some it makes more sense to start with a less expensive, out-of- the-box solution—a professionally designed WordPress theme that is ready to go. If that makes sense for you, we’ll set up your new website, add your logo and provide personal training. You’ll learn how to run the website and maximize its benefit to your business. Before you know it, you will be doing business online like a pro, and we’ll be standing by if you need help or have questions.

Content Management

The number one complaint we hear from prospective clients is that they have little to no control of their current website content. Modern websites must respond to an ever-changing landscape, promote new business opportunities and take advantage of new markets. We customize the backend controls so you can make updates, add new content, review analytics, communicate with clients and even change design elements.

Search Engine Optimization

Someone somewhere is looking for what you offer, but unless you have the right tools and strategies in place, they may never find you. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. You’ve probably heard a lot of myths about SEO, but the truth is that there is a right way to build a website for SEO. That’s what we do, plus we teach you how to create content with real search impact.

Social Media Marketing

Social media’s importance to businesses is growing every day. When your website and social media pages are integrated, you’ll have a wider reach for your content and a deeper relationship with your followers and customers. That’s why we encourage our clients to use social media strategically. You can make Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites work for you. We’ll show you how it’s done.


We’ve built e-commerce solutions for a wide variety of businesses, from paid-membership sites to online stores ranging from a few products to hundreds of products and product variations. Based on what you need to sell, we can help put together the right online sales solutions and show you how to keep it operating with inventory, tax, shipping, digital products, coupons, customer accounts and much more.


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