A better way to build a business website

Here’s what to expect from your meeting with AIM:

(plan for at least an hour)

  • If you have a website, we’ll provide an analysis of what works and what doesn’t, along with things you can do to improve it.
  • We’ll ask questions about your business. This part is really critical if we are to create a plan that will achieve your goals. Check out our website design planning questionnaire to begin thinking about these questions.
  • We’ll suggest ways to optimize your website’s performance.
  • We’ll discuss strategies for search, social media, blogging and online marketing and answer any other questions.

After the initial web-planning meeting, you’ll receive:

  • Your free mockup design–Many clients take advantage of our custom mock-up offer. We’ll take what we’ve learned from the web-planning meeting and generate a graphic mockup of the home page and any additional pages requiring customized design. Seeing is believing, and once we’ve incorporated our strategies into a design, it really helps people understand how the website will work.
  • Your project proposal—Along with a mockup we create a detailed proposal that includes the goals of the project, the deliverables and the costs.
  • Then the ball is in your court.

Give us a call and we can get started today.