Working with WordPress tips

The spellcheck button for the WordPress visual editor

Although the spellchecker included with the WordPress visual editor is fairly basic, it has some nice features, particularly the choice of languages to check.  Once you click the “ABC” spellchecker button, any misspelled or unidentified words will appear underlined in red. Click on an underlined word and several alternate spellings will appear in a list, but you won’t always find what you want, as you’ll see in our sample image below. Oddly, the name “WordPress” is not recognized—go figure! The spellchecker also includes eleven languages that it can check: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Example result of a spellcheck in the WordPress visual editor

Click the image for an expanded view. You’ll see that a sloppy spelling of button isn’t corrected, so be forewarned.

List of languages available for the WordPress editor spellchecker

View the language dropdown list (click to expand the image above). Since we write in English (or so we believe) we can’t speak to the quality of spell-checking in the other languages.