Working with WordPress tips

The distraction-free button on the WordPress visual editor toolbar

The distraction-free writing mode is an attempt to create a more natural writing environment, more like typing straight onto a sheet of white paper than the crowded interface of the visual editor with all of its buttons and sidebar tabs. A minimal toolbar appears at the top of the white page when you first enter the zen mode but within a few seconds the toolbar fades and you’re left alone with a white screen waiting to be filled by your brilliance. If you need to add a link or require access to some other toolbar element, you can make it reappear by placing your cursor at the top of the page. I am typing in this mode at the moment, and I have to say that I feel closer to the cosmic omni-ONE than when I write in the visual or text editor. It’s just so snowy white and it feels as if you could just write on and on forever…

To experience the other-worldly goodness of the distraction free mode, click the image above and breathe deeply.