Working with WordPress tips

You can upload an Adobe Acrobat or PDF file directly into any WordPress post or page using the Add Media button above the toolbar. On the Insert Media screen, choose Upload file then select the PDF to include from your computer folder. The title element of the file will become the link, so make sure it is descriptive and not just a file name. At the bottom of the right sidebar in the Insert Media screen you need to choose the “Media File” selection and, finally, insert the file into the post.

Click on any image below to see an enlarged version.
Select the editor location where you’ll add the PDF link then click the Add Media button.
The WordPress post editor without a PDF link.
Upload the PDF file, update the title so it’s user-friendly, select the “Media File” option bottom right then insert the file.
Adding a PDF file to the WordPress Insert Media screen
The PDF link will now be added to the post editor.
The PDF link is inserted into the WordPress post editor
The link also shows up on the website.
PDF link is now visible on the live WordPress post
If you click the link in the post, you’ll open the PDF viewer from which you can review the document or print it.
A view of the linked-to PDF file

Creating links to PDF files is the best way to include them in your post. Doing so is better than including the PDF within the post itself because you won’t be limited by the website’s dimensions and the print function will allow users to print the document properly.