At AIM, we talk a lot about growth because our clients are never sitting still. Markets change, businesses grow and adapt, and websites need to reflect those changes or the business will be left behind. That’s why we designed a bizblog framework that can evolve whenever there is a need to do so.

From WordPress to Netoro

Every AIM bizblog is built on a powerful, flexible framework that we designed to meet the needs of real businesses. We call it Netoro, which signifies Internet Gold, but we also think it just sounds sort of cool. At Netoro’s core is WordPress, the open-source blogging platform used by millions of websites around the world and the recognized SEO champion when it comes to organic search and Google results. Anything WordPress can do, Netoro can do, but that’s just the beginning of what Netoro delivers.

Delivering content the way you want it

Netoro takes native WordPress functionality to a higher level, giving you the ability to build pages and posts in a modular fashion with layout controls and content blocks. For instance, in most WordPress themes, when you write a post, the title automatically appears in one location on the page and the body text in another depending on a pre-coded template file. The layout never varies unless a programmer creates a new template. In Netoro, you can create your own page layouts and post layouts by choosing where specific content will be located on a custom template. The custom layouts you create can be used on any number of pages, and you can create and save as many layouts as you wish, using only the one you want at any given time. In addition, you can apply new styling elements to any location and its content to give it just the right presentation. Best of all, you can do this without knowing how to code your way out of a paper sack.

One content block is not enough

WordPress was designed as a blogging platform, so it makes sense that the post editor (the window where you add text, images, videos, etc…) is limited to one editing field, which delivers just one block of content to place on a page. All blog posts are created equal in the eyes of WordPress, and pages, too. But businesses need more control than that. You need to be able to add supporting materials, control image placements, create branded landing pages or provide associated excerpts such as testimonials or product specs, and you need to be able to present this variety of content blocks in a way that makes sense. That’s where our extended content management comes in. We’ve created additional content blocks for both pages and posts, and each of those blocks can be manipulated individually and easily. When you create a page or post layout, you simply select the appropriate content block for a particular layout position, then Netoro will automatically place the content of all posts or pages with that layout in the right place.

Netoro at work

Let’s say that you want to create a new page that lists features of your product. Each feature might have its own special post entry (which doesn’t appear in the regular blog stream), but you want this particular page to show only the title, an excerpt and an image for each product post. For aesthetic reasons, you want to display the image to the left of the title and the excerpt, which turns out to be just the opposite layout from how your regular blog posts appear. And since you’ve got a ton of features that are being updated constantly you want to limit the number of features to 10 for this new page and paginate the rest so you don’t overwhelm people. In addition to that, you want to include a short paragraph about the product at the top of the page, and also you want to include a title image that showcases the product so that when visitors arrive from your active Facebook community the page will be properly branded for that product. Your rather clever marketing manager insists that you showcase images of happy customers using the product, so you also need to have a slideshow with each slide linking to a particular feature for a further description. Of course you want to include an offer nobody can resist, and since you have other lines of awesome products, you want to highlight a few of those. To accomplish all this with most WordPress sites would require a skilled programmer. In Netoro, you could create each of the options listed above using simple selections from dropdown lists. That is control you can take to the bank.

Market Testing And Beyond

Editing existing content or adding new pages as needed is great, but where Netoro truly shines is in the ability to create entirely new presentations that can be applied strategically so you can test marketing ideas or take advantage of time-specific opportunities. And in the hands of a designer with knowledge of CSS, Netoro offers even more, becoming a live design studio. For instance, perhaps you’re wondering if a new tagline and masthead treatment would convey your advantage better than your current message, and that might decrease your bounce rate (people leaving your site within a short time of arriving there.) Or maybe your business could benefit from featuring a seasonal emphasis in the design. With Netoro, applying the new masthead and other design changes to the front page and other landing pages is a minor project, whereas for many websites such a project would amount to a complete rebuild. Netoro extends your freedom and your options, and that can give your business a competitive advantage.

AIM can help

Of course, DIY isn’t for everyone, and we’re happy to step in and help you create whatever you need for your site. Feel free to contact us regarding questions or special web development projects.