Content management systems (or CMS) is the designation for websites that include easy controls for updating and editing content. Content can include anything from text to videos. In the WordPress CMS, the main editor looks something like a word processor. There’s a toolbar and a window where you can type in text and upload images.

AIM business websites extend the native WordPress CMS with far more controls and options so the end result is that you can edit virtually any content on your website and create new pages or customized posts easily.

content management editor screen for WordPress and ThemeBlocks

The Get Growing page here at would appear just like this screenshot if you were to look at the administration editor. The page is divided into left and right blocks and all the text and images are available for quick editing.

Here’s just a sample of what you can do with AIM’s content management:

  • Add and edit text
  • Spellcheck text
  • Change text size, font or color
  • Add bold or italic styles to text
  • Align text left, right or center
  • Add links to pages on your website or elsewhere on the Internet
  • Embed videos from YouTube in a lightbox display
  • Add crop, rotate or size an image
  • Add slideshows of images
  • Add galleries of images
  • Create columns of text
  • Add tables of data
  • Add a Google map
  • Add audio tracks
  • Create promotions by combining images and text
  • Include custom widget areas for specialized plugins or functions
  • Add heading tags (H1-H6) to create hierarchical content
  • Add or edit search engine optimization meta tags and image “alt” tags for improved SEO performance
  • Include messages or reminders that are visible only in the editor
  • Apply custom page styles with the click of a button