Your brand is what people think of you. If people think you are honest, honesty is part of your brand. A brand is developed by reputation—not by marketing slogans. If you say one thing and do something else, your brand is what you do, not what you say. But you can promote your brand in all sorts of ways, and promoting your brand online is important because website visits are often the first chance (and possibly the only chance) you’ll have to make an impression on someone. It’s a great opportunity to build brand awareness.

Part of our job is to learn what your brand is and to figure out effective ways to convey how your brand is special. Everything from your website’s colors to a skillfully crafted headline can help convey what your brand means to people, but the most effective way to communicate brand is by sharing. Social networking and blogging puts you in direct contact with people so they learn about your brand first hand. That’s what works, and that’s how we grow your brand online.