Create a promotion for your Cart66-based shop that will set the parameters of a limited-time discount-based promotion. You’ll be able to distribute a promotion code for each promotion you make so you can track results. For instance, you could run a promotion on Facebook and a different promotion on Twitter and see which performs best.


  • Cart66—ecommerce plugin for WordPress.
  • Promotion code—a word, phrase or mix of characters that gets typed into the shopping cart at checkout to redeem the promotion offer.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Cart66 must be activated on your WordPress website
  • You should know which products will be included or excluded in the promotion.
  • You should know the promotion beginning and ending dates.
  • You should know the amount of the promotion and whether you’ll discount by dollars or percentage and by total, sub-total, shipping or product price.

Screenshots with callouts:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to the Cart66 tab and click “Promotions”. (Refer to the screenshot and callouts included above.)
  2. Give the promotion a name
  3. Give the promotion a code for redemption
  4. Set the type of promotion to Money Amount or Percentage
  5. Apply the promotion to the: product, shipping, sub-total or grand total.
  6. Include the amount. (Percentage or dollars being determined in step 4)
  7. You can include a required minimum amount and a maximum, but you don’t have to do either one.
  8. You can set a required quantity, either minimum or maximum, but you don’t have to set either one.
  9. Pick the date range through which the promotion will run.
  10. Set the maximum redemptions; this is the total number of redemptions allowed for the promotion, not the maximum number allowed per customer.
  11. Maximum redemptions per order can also be limited.
  12. Product list to which the promotion applies or list of excluded products. Leave the field blank if the promotion will apply to all products. Be sure to enter the product names exactly as they are included in the product entry.
  13. Enable the promotion so that customers can begin redeeming their codes.
  14. Auto Apply will automatically apply the promotion to any order that meets qualification standards.
  15. Save the promotion
  16. You can always edit the promotion by clicking the “Edit” link for the promotion in the promotion list.
  17. Once you’ve created your promotion, you need to make people aware of it. You can use any means you like, including advertising, word of mouth, social media, blog post, etc…but be sure to include the promotion code in each campaign tactic and make sure it is entered correctly.
  18. Promotions are an excellent means of testing price point and various media for effectiveness. Running concurrent promotions with a testable variable such as price or media can provide valuable insight.