Boehm’s Candies has been an institution among Pacific Northwest confectioners since the 1940’s, when founder Julius Boehm escaped Nazi tyranny to start a new life in Issaquah near Seattle. Boehm’s produces and sells a fine selection of exquisite chocolates and candies, and the company’s distinctive Edelweiss Chalet has been a destination for visitors from all over the world for decades. And yet trouble was brewing, threatening to turn this sweet scene sour.

The problem was that Boehm’s relied on a rickety old website that kept breaking down. Like many companies, Boehm’s hadn’t updated their website in years, and that left them little opportunity to update content or connect with their many admirers and customers. When Boehm’s sought advice from AIM about how to proceed with their online efforts, we helped them understand how important it is to have content management, social media and a flexible website.

The result is a beautiful showcase of all the goodness that is Boehm’s, from the amazing history of the founder to the wonderful tours…and, of course, mouth-watering glimpses of the irresistible chocolates.