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A lot of people think LinkedIn is just about recruitment and job searches. The truth is, LinkedIn is a more powerful leads engine than you might think, particularly for professionals in BtoB industries. That’s why when I saw the following article on by AjaRead more

Alien pug says: 2015 is the year we invade. For 10 Blogging Resolutions for 2015 at

Now that the big ball has fallen in Times Square and polar bears around the globe have plunged bravely into icy waters, it’s time to make resolutions for the upcoming year in an effort to do better at what we resolved to improve last yearRead more

Meta description tag blog image of a cat with attitude.

Consider ad copy that’s full of hyperbole such as “this is the greatest cat bath ever” or “you won’t believe your eyes”. Most people see such claims as marketing excess and pass them over. Search results work the same way. When a result pops upRead more

Google Analytics logo for the AIM blog post linking to the tutorial: How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress blog.

Metrics are the often-overlooked part of managing a website, but knowing who is visiting the site, where they are reaching the site from and what they are clicking on when they reach the site are the keys to creating a website that is best-suited toLearn more about using Google Analytics

Keywords used in the WordPress author tag on

Some onsite SEO can be a simple matter of finding opportunities that you’ve overlooked in the past. For blogs, and WordPress blogs in particular, one of those often-missed opportunities is optimizing the author tag. In WordPress, every author can specify a nickname, which can beRead more

a pair of glasses over similar copy blocks stresses the importance of careful planning with SEO keywords

It pays to research the keywords you intend to use in your online content. Effective keywords can change by location, by industry and even based on the time of year. For a recent legal firm’s website project, we discoverd that twice as many people inRead more about SEO keywords

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