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Photo of the space needle for the blog post: Seattle WordPress Design Options--Part 1: DIY

Seattle area businesses that are looking to set up a website with WordPress have lots of options to consider, from building it themselves to hiring a professional WordPress developer. In this post, we’ll share some of the things you should think about if you’re consideringRead more

A photo of a white, Spanish-style castle on a hill for the business fairy-tale post by AIM.

One day the Earl of Bogland visited his friend the King where, over a luncheon of tasty raspberry muffins, pumpkin soup, asparagus hollandaise and succulent squid pie, the Earl innocently mentioned that he too wished to be a king. “Well,” observed the King, “you don’tRead more

Working with WordPress tips page at for basic help with WordPress features

We love WordPress at AIM, and we believe that it is the best web platform and content management system in the universe, which is saying something because the universe is quite a large place. But we know that even a brilliantly conceived and delivered systemRead more

Chess, as shown in this photo, requires strategy to win. The same is true of blogging.

Like dieters, most business blog owners start with the best of intentions. They know that blogging is good for their business. They know that it’s going to take some time and effort, but the goal is worth it; people will find them online, learn aboutRead more

Pen image for Make your next hire write blog post at AIM

In “Rework” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the authors recommend that when making a hiring decision, if all other considerations are equal, go with the better writer. That’s good advice, particularly for businesses that want to compete online. You need a good writerRead more

Apollo lift-off of the Saturn V rocket, photo from NASA

…one giant leap for small business websites Welcome to the new AIM website. Previous visitors will notice the fresh presentation and new branding focus, but some of the biggest changes will be found on our Services page. AIM has always tried to deliver small businessRead more

Jetpack WordPress plugin logo

The Jetpack plugin from the folks at WordPress includes (as of now) 15 modules to extend the control, presentation and reach of your WordPress website. The most recent addition—Custom CSS—adds one of the most useful features for designers and webmasters who have some CSS (CascadingRead more

A Lunapic poster, created at

Like PicMonkey and Photoshop Express, LunaPic (at is a free online photo editor with some impressive features. In fact, if you compare features between these three web apps, LunaPic wins hands down. With LunaPic you can edit photos and images, apply filters and effects,Read more

Google takes flight as the main image for an AIM post about Google

Many SEO companies like to make search engine optimization seem highly technical or even a bit magical. But as Google continues to refine its search algorithms and ranking methods, one thing is clear. Old-school SEO link-building is a bad tactic that will likely backfire onLearn more about SEO

Twin Owls image for Two blog posts are better than one at

People love previews: we love previews when we go to the movies; we love previews of books, apps, TV shows, music. If we could preview important events in our lives, such as getting married or seeing what our kids will be like as teens, we’dRead more

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