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Web design for Kent WA and Issaquah SEO test results: A man searches a lakeshore just as people search the Internet.

Testing the effectiveness of various SEO tactics is part of what we do at AIMBIZ, and it’s something anyone can do using free tools such as the Google Keyword Adwords tool, Twitter, HootSuite and a WordPress website. Recently, we began a test to optimize several

Online writing is reflected by the image of books and writing for the AIMBIZ article about the importance of writing for web design.

Good web design is about good writing; don’t buy any nonsense to the contrary. The online experience is primarily a reading experience. Why? Users want information fast and reading short messages is far faster than watching video. Text loads faster and, when written effectively, communicatesRead more

Keys represent keywords for online search in the AIMBIZ post Unlocking Search with Keywords

Anything that gets typed into a search engine is a keyword. Keywords that are used often in search are called “seed keywords”. Seed keywords can be so general that they might not be useful for optimizing online content. A search for the seed keyword “car”Learn more about keywords

a cat on a comupter in the image for Business Blogging Basics

If blogging were dead simple my cat could do it. But the fact is that blogging takes a bit of time, some effort, and most of all the knowledge of what actually works. The last part is the missing piece of the puzzle for mostRead more

Categories give WordPress blogs and bizblogs structure. Everything from what content shows up on what page to searching for specific content on a site is determined by categories and how they’re used. Every WordPress post has at least one category, and you can create asRead more

How to get your business noticed online post image on

The Internet is where meaningful customer contacts are made, so it makes sense to know how you can make your business website as visible as possible to potential and existing customers. A common misconception is that the Internet is a place and that the sameRead more

Why do so many people talk about the benefits of using a WordPress blog for business websites? I’ve been building WordPress blogs and bizblogs for several years now, and I’m still discovering new capabilities and uses for this amazing online publishing tool. As a blogger,Read more

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