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Everyone who works with WordPress owes a debt to the many developers who have created so many awesome open source capabilities for the platform. As a WordPress developer, the AIM team has learned and integrated many solutions from the community. The AIM Style Vault pluginRead more

A photo of a white, Spanish-style castle on a hill for the business fairy-tale post by AIM.

One day the Earl of Bogland visited his friend the King where, over a luncheon of tasty raspberry muffins, pumpkin soup, asparagus hollandaise and succulent squid pie, the Earl innocently mentioned that he too wished to be a king. “Well,” observed the King, “you don’tRead more

Apollo lift-off of the Saturn V rocket, photo from NASA

…one giant leap for small business websites Welcome to the new AIM website. Previous visitors will notice the fresh presentation and new branding focus, but some of the biggest changes will be found on our Services page. AIM has always tried to deliver small businessRead more

AIM Team on the radio

Eric Boettcher, CEO and Scott Pelland, President of Applied Imagination Media, along with Kirk Davis of the Small Business Development Center at Green River Community College, were guests on BizTechTalk, a local radio talk show covering business and technology topics on KLAY AM 1180. YouRead more

The image of a marble block relates to the post, Michelangelo's Chisel at

Michelangelo stepped back from the nearly finished and almost perfect statue of David and remarked: “Thanks to the magic of my chisel, I have created a work worthy of standing at the right hand of God himself.” And with a mighty laugh he set downRead more

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