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Working with WordPress tips page at for basic help with WordPress features

We love WordPress at AIM, and we believe that it is the best web platform and content management system in the universe, which is saying something because the universe is quite a large place. But we know that even a brilliantly conceived and delivered systemRead more

AIMBIZ looks for ace tactics with keyword research for web design Kent WA and web design Issaquah

If you read through our initial post on our recent test for optimizing two posts using niche keywords, you might be interested to see how the posts are doing about a week later. Perhaps the most interesting result is that for our search terms: “webRead more

Whenever we finish a web design project, we like to share it with the world, and that’s true of the recently published web site for Good Sense Accounting in Issaquah, Washington, which you can see in the AIMBIZ Showcase gallery. We had the good fortuneRead more

Kent, WA web design for Sweet Themes Bakery highlighting the AIM cookie

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our most recent web design project—Sweet Themes Bakery.  The Kent, Washington bakery is just getting started, but Chief Cookie Officer Alison Carchedi already has a fantastic reputation as a creative master when it comes to baking sweet memoriesRead more

A montage of home page web designs created by AIM

So what do we do when we’re not blogging, networking, coding or walking the dog? We build great websites like the ones in our new showcase gallery. When you check it out, you’ll find a collection of front page images from selected projects created byRead more shows off the new full-screen editor for WordPress 3.2

The official release of WordPress version 3.2 has arrived, and we’re busy testing the upgraded version on several AIM websites, including This version contains several performance improvements that will speed up your bizblogs from the perspective of visitors. It also drops native support for

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