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The name of the game in using Twitter is sharing not selling. The challenge is to connect with lots of people who are interested in seeing what you have to share. For businesses, the ultimate goal is for their Twitter followers to click on linksRead more

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The Internet is where meaningful customer contacts are made, so it makes sense to know how you can make your business website as visible as possible to potential and existing customers. A common misconception is that the Internet is a place and that the sameRead more

Why do so many people talk about the benefits of using a WordPress blog for business websites? I’ve been building WordPress blogs and bizblogs for several years now, and I’m still discovering new capabilities and uses for this amazing online publishing tool. As a blogger,Read more

The most important step in building any website is the initial preparation. Whether you’re making the site yourself or working with a developer, the process will be easier and the results will be better if you follow a few rules. Know your target audience: whoRead more

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We’re a Seattle web design company specializing in custom WordPress development for businesses and organizations that want to grow their Internet presence. We provide web development, content creation, online marketing, website management services, and pithy advice, such as, “Don’t throw rocks at a hungry bear. Throw salmon.”